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JRB Auto offers one of the best in class services for 4X4s. Services for all the major brands are covered by JRB Auto.We have all the expertise, tools and technologies to complete a job with best quality. We are local specialists in 4wd Mechanics in the area and offer best services.

JRB has technicians who have a great experience of working on standard 4×4 mechanics and also in all-wheel drive vehicles.

We completely understand the needs of your vehicle. Below are some of the services offered by JRB Auto:

  • Transmissions – Key parts of your vehicles are connected to the Transmission. Repair and maintenance of transmission is not something that should be taken lightly. It needs to work properly to ensure your safety.
  • Transfer cases – Four Wheel drive system and all-wheel drive systems, both have Transfer cases. The transmission and the front and rear axles connect the transfer cases by means of drive shaft. Transfer cases are now usually chain driven. We are here to help you with the Transfer cases repairs.
  • Differentials – Engine power is transferred to the wheels by differentials. Passes power to the wheels and allows them to rotate at different speed, therefore they are called differentials. Differentials are required when the vehicle takes a turn and all the four wheels rotate at different speeds. A regular check has to be done to ensure differentials are working properly. Contact JRB Auto for examining Differentials.
  • Driveline– The transmission and the engine are connected to the axles by driveline. A car would stop moving if driveline fails because power would not be transmitted from the engine to the wheel axels. Regular inspection and servicing of your driveline is required.
  • Alignment–It is a standard car maintenance process where axels of the wheels are adjusted so that they are properly aligned. Not all mechanics are pro at alignment as it is a complicated process. Hire the experts in the industry for your vehicle’s alignment.
  • Wheel Bearings – connected to the brake system, wheel bearings are in the inside part of the wheels, letting the wheels to spin freely. They worn out over time and it is unsafe to drive such a vehicle.

For all these 4×4 specialized Mechanic services contact JRB Auto today and have a hassle free drive.

4×4 mechanic
I got my car serviced by these guys today. Awesome service – friendly, didn’t rip me off and even cleaned the car form me! I won’t be going back to Mazda for any more services. Half the cost at JRB, but double the service of Mazda!!! Thanks again guys!
Matte Piers
Took my car here for the very first time, everything was done prompt and professional, can’t beleive the difference they made to my car, feels like brand new again! Ive recommended JRB Auto to all my friends and family, i now wont be going elsewhere!
Elice Patterson
Such perfect mechanics to perfectly fix ur car so it runs perfectly for a perfect price!! I won’t go anywhere else!!
Nae Nae