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With many years of experience we at JRB Auto are fully equipped to carry out any repair work related to Brake or clutch. Our team consists of highly skilled workmen. To ensure your safety it is very important to maintain brakes because they are very dangerous if not well maintained. Your Car’s brake should provide maximum stopping power. To ensure great performance of your vehicle brakes must be well maintained.

We provide you with brake checks which will include:

  • Adjusting of brakes
  • Checking the hydraulic system and friction material
  • Cleaning and removing the dust and dirt from the brake drums
  • Checking Handbrake
  • Checking Break Fluids

We will ensure highest level of safety for you by using original parts as per the manufacturer’s specifications. When your vehicle’s brakes are intact you can drive carefree.

We also provide clutch services. We have very well trained engineers who are specialists when it comes to fitting a new clutch to your car. You may feel that there’s a problem in clutch but the problem might be elsewhere. We help you get you clutch intact.

JRB Auto has very high quality clutches which can be fitted to your vehicle when required.

Some common problems with clutch:

  • Drag: It becomes difficult to obtain a gear when clutch cable is not properly adjusted which causes drag, particularly in low gears
  • Slip: The clutch slips because of oil on the friction plate or if there is a worn friction plate, giving a partial or total loss of drive.
  • Judder: It seems to tremble as it moves from rest because of broken engine or gear mounts or wrapped friction plate.

We are specialists at our services, feel free to contact and book an appointment for your vehicle’s Brake and Clutch check.

I got my car serviced by these guys today. Awesome service – friendly, didn’t rip me off and even cleaned the car form me! I won’t be going back to Mazda for any more services. Half the cost at JRB, but double the service of Mazda!!! Thanks again guys!
Matte Piers
Took my car here for the very first time, everything was done prompt and professional, can’t beleive the difference they made to my car, feels like brand new again! Ive recommended JRB Auto to all my friends and family, i now wont be going elsewhere!
Elice Patterson
Such perfect mechanics to perfectly fix ur car so it runs perfectly for a perfect price!! I won’t go anywhere else!!
Nae Nae