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Electronic fuel injection system requires repairs and services on a regular basis. It might look like it’s all great from outside but timely diagnosis of you vehicle’s electronic fuel system is important. When a car starts to have problems with starting or in other functions, it might mean that there is a problem with electronic fuel injection.

Here at JRB Auto we have experts who have dealt with faulty fuel injection systems. We can help you to deal with your faulty fuel injection system like a pro. Contact us today for booking and appointment.

We offer EFI services as mentioned below:

  • Inspecting, Testing and Diagnostics
  • Petrol fuel injector cleaning
  • Replacements, repair and maintenance
  • Cleaning of throttle valve, Fuel Fitter and fuel injector
  • Sensors checking
  • Checking engine control unit

For testing your car’s ECU (electronic control unit) diagnostics are used. Information through the sensors that are spread throughout the vehicle is taken by the Electronic Control Unit which is a small computer that controls whole fuel injection process and based on the programmed inputs it makes decisions.

To make sure the throttle valve, fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel injectors and car’s sensors are working properly; testing and visual inspections are made.

Any leakage of fuel must be checked and fixed so that any fuel is not wasted.

Clogged filters, fuel lines and valves also need to be unclogged.

All damaged lines that connect to the electronic control unit need to be located and fixed or replaced.

Various other measures are taken so as to keep your car’s Electronic fuel injectors healthy depending on the need of the vehicle.

Don’t hesitate and book and appointment with JRB Auto for diagnosis of your EFI

EFI Services
I got my car serviced by these guys today. Awesome service – friendly, didn’t rip me off and even cleaned the car form me! I won’t be going back to Mazda for any more services. Half the cost at JRB, but double the service of Mazda!!! Thanks again guys!
Matte Piers
Took my car here for the very first time, everything was done prompt and professional, can’t beleive the difference they made to my car, feels like brand new again! Ive recommended JRB Auto to all my friends and family, i now wont be going elsewhere!
Elice Patterson
Such perfect mechanics to perfectly fix ur car so it runs perfectly for a perfect price!! I won’t go anywhere else!!
Nae Nae